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Girls In Action (GIA)

Sursum Corda Youth Center, 1175 1st Terrace NW, Washington DC 20001

Girls In Action

"All Kids Are Our Kids"

At Girls In Action (GIA), it is our mission to give a girl, her heart's desire and that is to be treated like a Princess!! ;-)

GIA needs your help and support to sponsor a "Hollywood Spa Day" for our GIAgirls. Help us pamper our girls with real spa services specifically designed for girls their age as we teach them the healthful benefits of a spa experience. The smile on their faces when email our newsletters will tell you just how much they will enjoy their special day. The girls will be able to relax and be refreshed as our licensed experts make our GIAgirls feel SUPERFANTISTIC.

This will be an experience they will not forget. Who doesn't like being pampered? Help us make it a DAY TO REMEMBER!!!! This experience will help young-spa goers learn to deal with future stress-related issues.

Mini-facials - Fun and education lesson to teach the girls a lifetime skill of having healthy skin. This is a great introduction of the basics of good skin care for our female youth.

Our goal is to make the girls feel and look like the STARS they were created to be by God. With your help, we would like to provide the girls with facials, mini manis, mini pedis and mini makeovers. To keep it fun and exciting, we hope to have "make your own lip gloss or lotion" stations.

These are the needs for our FREE weekend program for female youth to enjoy a relaxing and fun day at GIA's Hollywood SPA Bash. In order to effectively reach our local community of young ladies, we rely on the resources and gifts that God brings through people like you. Please review the needs below and let us know if you or someone you know can help.

Your support is requested as we continueto EMPOWER, EDUCATE, and ENCOURAGEthe female youth in our community. 

Thank you in Advance...Together we Can Empower A Girl!

Girls In Action request donations in the following areas for this event:

  • Aromatherapy candles
  • Soothing music (CDs)
  • Healthy and delicious snacks (sandwiches, cheese and crackers, fruit salad, veggie treys and water, sparkling cider)
  • Cup cakes ;-)
  • Individual face masks
  • Nail polish (all colors)
  • back massagers
  • miniature hand and body lotions
  • foot lotions
  • lip balm of lip gloss
  • emery boards
  • hair clips
  • eye masks
  • bubble baths and bath gels Supplies needed for Lip Gloss and/or
  • for 8 Girls ($15.95) includes: containers, labels, lip gloss base & flavor.
  • for 8 Girls ($19.95) includes: containers, labels, lotion base & scent.

These packets can be purchased at and shipped to Girls In Action. If you would like to purchase this item and have it shipped directly to GIA, please email me for the mailing address.  

Supplies needed to make personalize Bath Salts for each girl.

  • ** Epsom Salts (pharmacy)
  • Soap fragrance drops (craft store)
  • Soap Dye (craft store)
  • Zip-loc baggies
  • Label stickers and markers  

You can click on the link to make a secure donation now to support our cause at any amount:

Thanks in advance for your support and donations to Girls In Action.